Out of Options

The cry for help from her estranged brother arrived like a bolt out of the blue.

So did the storm that brought down her F/A-18 Super Hornet.

Lt. Talia “Colt” Levin hasn’t heard from her brother Ben in years, until one day she gets a message from him, begging for her help.

She and her partner, Lt. Justin “Hawk” Halversen, must fly one last mission before they can return home. However, over the Iraq-Iran border their plane hits a storm – and the storm hits right back.

Having survived the lightning strike and the plane crash that follows, Colt finds herself deep in enemy territory and faced with a terrible choice.

Her co-pilot, Hawk, is severely wounded and unable to walk. Separated by a mudslide, and captured by suspicious villagers, Colt must choose between escaping on her own and rescuing Hawk. The clock’s ticking on her one chance to help her desperate brother.

Can she rescue Hawk and get him to safety in time to save Ben? Or must she abandon the partner who’s always been there for the brother who never was?

Friend or family – who would you choose?

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